dbookPro is a software that can be used for creating interactive electronic textbooks or e-textbooks. E-textbooks can be made by importing images of actual textbook pages. This can be done using a scanner and saving the images in jpg or Microsoft Word xps format. E-texbooks can be shared offline and online as web pages. 

dbookPro also contains drawing and measuring tools that can be used interactively in the classroom. Teachers and students can use these tools to draw figures, measure lengths and angles, and perform calculations. dbook Pro has also the capability to embed and play audio and video materials in various formats.

dbookPro International Edition was developed by the Center for Research for International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED) of the University of Tsukuba in Japan. The UP NISMED edition of dbookPro on this page is developed in collaboration with CRICED. This is distributed by UP NISMED.


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Exemplar of dbook
dbook Manual for Basic Users (PDF Edition)
dbook Manual for Advanced Users (PDF Edition)
dbook Manual for Basic Users (dbook Pro Edition)
dbook Manual for Advanced Users (dbook Pro Edition)

Sample Lessons Using dbook Pro
Understanding Earthquakes by Guillermo P. Bautista Jr., Eligio C. Obille Jr., Soledad A. Ulep
Solving Real-World Problems Involving Ratio by Lady Angel M. Rocena and Gina Lyn L. Calderon