GTG! Season 10

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06 Facts about West Valley Fault and Preventive Measures Dr. Renato U. Solidum Jr.
13 Learning from Japanese Textbooks Guillermo P. Bautista Jr.
20 Let There Be Light Rolando M. Tan
27 High School Student’s Views of Science Ivy. P. Mejia
Sep 03 Landing on a Comet: The Rosetta Mission Anthony Guiller E. Urbano
10 Spiralling “Weather” in K-12 Dr. Risa L. Reyes
17 Production of Natural Colors Dr. Fides Z. Tambalo
Arlene P. de la Cruz
24 Climate Ivy. P. Mejia
Oct 01 Inquiry Skills Dr. Marlene B. Ferido
08 DNA Analysis Dr. Maria Corazon A. de Ungria
Arlene P. de la Cruz
15 On Discounts and Interests Guillermo P. Bautista Jr.
 22 Nasaan Ka Mikrobyo? Dr. Maria Auxilia T. Siringan
Arlene P. de la Cruz
29 Konsumo ng Kuryente Edna G. Callanta
Dana M. Ong
Nov 05 Misconceptions About Lesson Study Dr. Aida I. Yap
12 Spiralling of Physics Topics from Grades 3 to 10 May R. Chavez
Ramon L. Sanchez III
19 NISMED 50th Anniversary: The Climax Director
Deputy Directors
26 Teaching Probability in Elementary Mathematics Dr. Aida I. Yap
 Dec 03 Reproduction Without Sex Dr. Maria Helen dH. Catalan
10 Learning Trajectory of Function Dr. Erlina R. Ronda
17 Concentrate! Jacqueline Rose M. Gutierrez
07 Problem Based Learning in Teaching Science Arlene P. de la Cruz
Garry D. Galvez
Erlinda D. Hugo
Reyneth Renan P. Matta
14 Algae: Are They Plants? Dr. Rodolfo S. Treyes
21 Water and Biodiversity Michael Anthony B. Mantala
Dulcelina O. Sebastian
28 Species… Going… Gone? Dulcelina O. Sebastian
Michael Anthony B. Mantala