GTG! Season 17

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10 Three Laws of Motion Mr. Renz G. Salas
17 Law of Conservation of Energy Mr. Renz G. Salas
24 Mondaikaiketsu (Problem Solving) Ms. Maria Theresa G. Capule-Navarro
31 Understanding MSDS Mr. Joel I. Ballesteros
Feb 07 National Astronomy Week 2019 Mr. Anthony Guiller E. Urbano
Mr. Kenneth F. Bailador
Mr. Anthony Karl M. Alipit
14 Sounds of Love Mr. Renz G. Salas
Ms. Ma. Lourdes S. Agad
21 Lesson Study of NVGCHS: Part 1 KaSaMa Teachers Team
NVGCHS Teachers
28 You Light Up My Life Mr. Rolando M. Tan
Mar 07 Get It Right, See the Light! Mr. Arsenio Franco S. Pineda
14 Chemistry Colors My World Ms. Arlene P. de la Cruz
Ms. Dana M. Ong
21 Let’s Go Digital? Ms. Cherry A. Velasco
 28 From Typing Pool to Desktop: Coping with Technology Change Ms. Wilhelmina L. dela Paz
Ms. Cecile N. Sales
Apr 04 NISMED, Kung Wala Ka Na: Sustaining Lesson Study in Rizal High School Ms. Revie G. Santos
Mr. Ronald C. Lucasia
11 Students’ Notions of Functions Ms. Haidee P. Rosete
25 Lesson Study of NVGCHS: Part 2 KaSaMa Teachers Team
NVGCHS Teachers
May 02 Teaching the Notion of Integral Calculus with and without Geogebra Mr. Guillermo P. Bautista, Jr.
09 Sustaining ICT Integration in the Classroom: Insights from the Philippine Experience Dr. Monalisa T. Sasing
16 Integrating ICT in Teaching Electromagnetism Ms. May R. Chavez
Ms. Cerilina M. Maramag
Ms. Deborah Anne O. Lumantas
23 Integrating ICT in Teaching Electrostatics Ms. Cerilina M. Maramag
Mr. Ramon L. Sanchez III
Ms. Deborah Anne O. Lumantas
30 Teacher SMK and the Quality of Mathematics Made Available to Learn: Some Hypotheses Dr. Erlinda R. Ronda
 Jun 06 Educative Curriculum Materials Dr. Ma. Helen de Hitta-Catalan
Dr. Erlinda R. Ronda
Mr. Eligio C. Obille, Jr.
13 Importance of Food Chain in an Ecosystem Dr. Rodolfo S. Treyes
20 Bacteria in my Yogurt? Ms. Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian
27 Homeostasis and Diabetes Mr. Michael Anthony B. Mantala

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