Institutional Extension Accomplishments

  • TIMSS Math Advanced 2008 Report
  • One national seminar-workshop on the K to 12 curriculums: 304 participants
  • DOST-funded project: interactive courseware for  Grade 1 Mathematics:  10 lessons with teaching support material
  • Radio program: Go, Teacher, Go! over DZUP for two seasons: 51 episodes aired 
  • Two DOST-funded College of Engineering Projects under the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Project

–     Learning While Playing (LEAP): 15 educational games in Science under the  topics Earth, the Solar System, Force and Motion, and Ecosystems

–     Towards a Context-Aware Classification and Retrieval System of e-Learning Materials: Digitization of NISMED materials and identification of key words for Science topics at the elementary level based on the Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies-Basic Education Curriculum

  • DOST-funded project: Search for Innovative Practices in Managing Large Classes for Effective Teaching and
  • Learning of Science and Mathematics
  • KASAMA Teachers Online Community: 148 registered members
  • Audio-based Materials on Biodiversity and Climate Change Report
  • 580 stargazers
  • 182  guests