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Elementary School Science Group
Php 100.00

Lung Chest Model

The model simulates the mechanics of breathing. Through its manipulation, the learner will be able to relate space in the chest cavity and lungs to the inflow or outflow of the air we breathe.


High School Biology Group
PhP 100.00

Lung Model

This improvised lung model is constructed from a plastic jar, cotton, empty ballpen tube and cap, white sando bag, rubber bands, ice candy plastic, glue  and masking tape.  This lung model may be used to demonstrate the harmful effects of smoking.

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM MODELElementary School Science Group
PhP 900.00

  • Accurately shows the two circuits in the circulatory system
  • Shows 4 chambers of the heart
  • Change in color of solutions simulates oxygenation/deoxygenation of blood
  • “Pumping” of the heart is done by the pupils
PULSE MODELElementary School Science Group
PhP 50.00

A two-dimensional model available with stand emphazing the parts of the head and neck.

  • Demonstrates relationship between heartbeat and pulse
  • Simulates the pulse on an artery
  • Manipulated by pupils
HEAD MODELHigh School Biology Group
Php 350