Occasional Papers and Monographs

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The teaching of health through biology education in three countries
Dr. Kozo Imahori, et al.
Occasional Paper No.3
ISBN 971-135-065-3
June 1983 46pp. PHP 10.00

In-service training of chemistry teachers in the Philippines – Structure and mechanism
Marcelita C. Magno
Occasional Paper No.5
ISBN 971-135-124-2
October 1987 5pp. PHP 5.00A case study: The utilization of survey results

Acculturation, social class and cognitive growth
Jasmin E. Acuña
Monograph No.34
ISBN 971-135-061-0
August 1983 39pp. PHP 7.00

A fishing village revisited: Follow-up of a case study
Dolores F. Hernandez
Monograph No.35
ISBN 971-135-062-9
September 1983 26pp. PHP 8.00

Analysis of the HSS 1 textbook: Exploring our environment for level of cognitive demand
Wulfida P. Galvante
Monograph No.36
ISBN 971-135-088-2
March 1985 20pp. PHP 9.00

Student’s use of the kinetic theory to explain familiar events
Amelia E. Punzalan
Monograph No. 37
ISBN 971-135-093-9
April 1985 34pp. PHP 9.00

Perceptions of supervisors about supervisory task and behaviors
Dolores Hernandez and Fe de Guzman
Monograph No. 39
ISBN 971-135-116-1
November 1986 12pp. PHP 12.00

Towards ASEAN cooperation on computers in science and mathematics education
Vivien M. Talisayon
Monograph No.41
ISBN 971-135-132-3
June 1989 19pp. PHP 15.00

A preliminary investigation of University students’ understanding of the concepts of force and energy and comparisons with earlier studies
Vivien M. Talisayon
Monograph No.42
ISBN 971-135-134-X
February 1990 31pp. PHP 10.00

Summative evaluation of the textbook physics in your environment
Eulalia N. Bentillo
Monograph No.43
ISBN 971-135-135-8
April 1990 27pp. PHP 16.00

Community-oriented physics projects for the secondary level

Children in war: Implications for public education
Monograph No.45
ISBN 971-8693-01-7
July 1990 11pp. P11.50

Thinking skills practices of secondary school teachers
Dolores F. Hernandez, Josefina C. Fonacier and Fe S. de Guzman
Monograph No. 47
ISBN 971-8693-17-3
January 1994 12pp. P12.00

Rural students’ views vs scientific explanations of some common chemical events
Amelia E. Punzalan
Monograph No. 48
ISBN 971-8693-21-1
January 1996 16pp. PHP 18.00

History, philosophy and science education
Dolores F. Hernandez
Monograph No.49
ISBN 971-8693-24-6
June 1996 102pp. PHP 65.00

Patterns of understanding of concepts in electromagnetism
Aurora B. Mendoza
Monograph No.50
ISBN 971-8693-39-4
July 1997 20pp. PHP 35.00

Students’ conceptions of selected chemistry topics in a cooperative learning environment
Marlene B. Ferido
Monograph No.51
ISBN 971-8693-45-9
September 1997 19pp. PHP 35.00Challenges and reforms in Philippine education for the 21 st century
Vivien M. Talisayon
Monograph No.52
ISBN 971-8693-53-X
October 1997 19pp. PHP 35.00

Patterns in classifying in biology
Risa L. Reyes
Monograph No.53
ISBN 971-570-053-5
March 1998 27pp. PHP 35.00

Conceptions of the duties of science and mathematics teachers
Editha T. Villaflor
Monograph No.54
ISBN 971-570-064-0
December 1998 23pp. PHP 35.00

Microcomputer-based laboratory, constructivist strategy, and students’ understanding of force and motion concepts
Eulalia N. Bentillo
Monograph No.55
ISBN 971-570-063-2
January 1999 15pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in high school chemistry in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Marcelita C. Magno and Marlene B. Ferido
Monograph No.56
ISBN 971-570-067-5
October 1999 21pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in elementary school science in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Amelia C. Fajardo
Monograph No.57
ISBN 971-570-068-3
July 1999 11pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in first year high school science in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Merle C. Tan
Monograph No.58
ISBN 971-570-070-5
September 2000 10pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in elementary school mathematics in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Elementary School Mathematics Workgroup
Monograph No.59
ISBN 971-570-069-1
March 1999 14pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in high school mathematics in the Philippines (1960-1998)
High School Mathematics Education Group
Monograph No.60
ISBN 971-570-071-3
January 2000 26pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in high school physics in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Aurora B. Mendoza
Monograph No.61
ISBN 971-570-076-4
March 1999 15pp. PHP 35.00

Materials and methods in high school biology in the Philippines (1960-1998)
Biology Education Group
Monograph No.62
ISBN 971-570-086-1
September 2000 11pp. PHP 35.00

Ethnomathematics: From Abel to Tinalak (The Philippines indigenization approach to teaching)
Penelope V. Flores
Monograph No.63
November 2000 18pp. PHP 35.00