NISMED Staff Attend International Conference in Japan

UP NISMED staff led by Dr. Soledad A. Ulep (leftmost) attended the 10th APEC-Tsukuba Conference in Tokyo, Japan. Joining Dr. Ulep in this photo are Dr. Aida I. Yap (2nd from left), Prof. Masami Isoda of Tsukuba University, and Guillermo P. Bautista, Jr.

Dr. Soledad A. Ulep, Director of UP NISMED, and Dr. Aida I. Yap and Mr. Guillermo P. Bautista, Jr. of the High School Mathematics workgroup attended the 10th APEC-Tsukuba Conference on 12-15 February 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. The theme of the conference was Innovation of Mathematics Education through Lesson Study: Challenges to Energy Efficiency on STEM and Cross Border Education.  The highlights of the conference include paper presentations, observation of Japanese open classes, and a demonstration on cross-border lesson study using Skype between Japan and Malaysia.  In addition, each participating economy also made presentations on the major issues and concerns on energy, current reforms in relation to STEM, and possible collaboration for cross-border education. Dr. Ulep made the presentation for the Philippines.

Dr. Aida I. Yap of the Elementary Math Group and Guillermo P. Bautista, Jr. of the High School Math Group attended the SEAMEO-RECSAM and University of Tsukuba Joint Seminar held at the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

On 15-18 February, a back to back meeting of the SEAMEO RECSAM-University of Tsukuba Joint Seminar was also held. The theme was Searching for Quality Mathematics Curriculum Framework on the Era of Globalization. Dr. Yap, together with Mr. Bautista, made a presentation on the features of the Junior High School Japanese textbooks.  They were involved in the translation of Grades 1-9 textbooks, published by Gakkohtosho, from Japanese to English.

Dr. Yap also talked about “Gender Equality and Textbook.” She, together with Mr. Bautista, acted as moderators in the textbook workshop.