The observatory houses one of the country’s most powerful and most modern telescopes. Its main telescope is a 40 cm (16 in) reflecting telescope, equipped with state-of-the-art accessories which include a 20 cm (8 in) refractor guidescope, an 8×50 finderscope, and a fully-automated, motor-driven mount.

Stargazing at the UP NISMED Observatory

As part of UP NISMED’s extension program, stargazing sessions are conducted at the UP NISMED Observatory from January to March each year, facilitated by members of the High School Earth Science Workgroup.  One of the highlights of the stargazing session is the viewing of night-sky objects through one of the country’s largest telescopes housed at the UP NISMED Observatory.

During an overnight stargazing session, students as well as their teachers are treated with telescopic views of the craters of the moon, up-close views of the planet Jupiter and four of its brightest moons, majestic views of Saturn with its beautiful ring system, a glimpse of the current phase of Venus, and a look at Mars and its polar ice caps.

Participants also listen to various lectures aligned with the K to 12 Earth and Space Science topics such as constellations, the solar system, comets, and other objects in the space. Sessions are conducted at the rooftop of the Dolores F. Hernandez Hall where participants spend the night  under the stars.

For more information about the stargazing activities at the UP NISMED Observatory, please click here. For reservations, please contact Ms. Angeline M. Agrava at telephone nos. (632) 8928-3545 and (632) 8927-4276 ext. 101, or send an email to nismed.upd@up.edu.ph.