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Our Body’s Transport System: Pupils’ Activities and Teaching Guide
Lourdes R. Carale
2006 36pp. PHP 90.00
ISBN 971-570-132-9
Published by NISMED
Bones and Muscles: Pupils’ Activities and Teaching Guide
Lourdes R. Carale
2009 36pp PHP 90.00
ISBN 978-971-570-137-2
Published by NISMED
The Breath of Life
Pupils’ Activities 2010 15pp  PHP 40.00
Pupils’ Activities and Teaching Guide  36pp PHP 70.00
ISBN 978-971-570-140-2
Published by NISMED
An Exciting Journey: From Land to Sea to Air, Back to Land
Lourdes R. Carale
2001 37pp.  PHP 70.00
ISBN 971-570-095-0
Published by NISMED
Food Digestion
Lourdes R. Carale
2009 34pp. PHP 100.00
ISBN 978-971-570-135-8
Published by NISMED
From Rocks to Cement
Pilar da Silva
1982 17pp. PHP 6.00
ISBN 971-135-030-0
Published by UPSEC
A Teaching Unit on Water: Project TACT (Thematic Approach to Chemistry Teaching)
Marcelita C. Magno
1993 60 pp. PHP 48.00
Published by UPISMED
ISBN 971-8693-14-9
Go Nuclear
O. Ungson, V. Talisayon & T. Hontiveros
1984 15pp. PHP 13.00
ISBN 971-135-069-6
Published by UPSEC
Paper Folding: Art and Mathematics
Josefina C. Fonacier, et. al.
ISBN 971-570-087-X
March 2000 53pp. PHP 110.00
Published by the NISMED
Living Organisms in the Classroom
Lea O. Santos
1996 40pp. PHP 47.00
ISBN 971-8693-23-8
Published by ISMED
Goodbye Waste
Lourdes R. Carale
1983 27pp. PHP 20.00
ISBN 971-135-050-5
Published by UPSEC
Dieter Nachtigall
1986 25 pp. PHP 20.00
ISBN 971-135-105-6
Published by UPSEC
Health Education Through Biology Teaching
Gerhard Schaefer & Dolores F. Hernandez, eds.
1985 66pp. PHP 30.00
ISBN 971-135-079-1
Published by ISMED
Life Cycle of a White Butterfly (with CD and Poster)
Marina E. Balce
2009 35pp. PHP 300.00
ISBN 978-971-570-136-5
Published by NISMED
Fungi – Concepts, Processes and Technology
Elma A. Alcaide, et al
1992 63pp. PHP 35.00
ISBN 971-8693-12-2
Published by ISMED