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NISMED develops teaching and learning materials in science and mathematics for basic education and teacher education... More »


NISMED regularly offers seminar-workshops as part of its commitment to help upgrade the competencies of science and mathematics teachers and teacher educators in the country... More »


NISMED conducts research related to the development of teaching and learning materials and professional development programs... More »


NISMED partners with DepEd, DOST, and other educational agencies in the conduct of research and professional development programs as well as in the development of curriculum materials for teachers and learners... More »


The National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development. More »


UP NISMED Opens Laboratories A total of 64 teachers and 454 students attended the UP NISMED Open Lab on 13-14 August 2014, which showcased science activities at the basic education level.  More
Go Teacher Go! Continues to Inspire Teachers UP NISMED’s  radio program, Go Teacher Go! (GTG) aired every Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 pm over DZUP 1602 AM band continues to inspire science and mathematics teachers. Public and private school teachers who tuned in and participated in the radio program expressed their desire to continue touching other teacher’s lives by sharing their best practices in the classroom by serving as resource persons.   More  NISMED Efforts in Lesson Study Reported in UNESCO-APEID-Hiroshima Seminar Dr. Aida I. Yap of the Elementary School Mathematics Group attended the 27th United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development-Hiroshima (UNESCO-APEID-Hiroshima) Seminar on Innovation and Reform in Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region.   More
CLRD Updates An umbrella program of NISMED, the Collaborative Lesson Research and Development (CLRD) Project had four major activities in the first quarter.   More  Updated Periodic Table of Elements UP NISMED currently released an updated version of the periodic table of the elements. It is available for downloading from the AgIMat website ( for educational and non-profit use. A poster-size version will be made available soon and may be purchased at NISMED Bookstore, Dolores F Hernandez Hall, STTC Building, UP Diliman, QC.This updated version already includes the two newly named elements, flerovium (114) and livermorium (116). Moreover, it follows the current Group numbering system which uses numbers 1 – 18 to designate the columns (groups) from left to right of the periodic table; and adopts…   More

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