Research and Curriculum Development Accomplishments

Collaborative Lesson Research and Development Project

  • 13 chapters (first draft) for the book on Lesson Study
  • 11 research lessons implemented and revised

              Mathematics: Implemented new and revised lessons
                   One-half of a Whole
Addition of Integers
Subtraction of Integers
Solving Quadratic Equation Using Quadratic Formula
The Parallel Postulate
Polynomial Function

              Science: Planned, developed, and refined lessons
                   Reasons for the Seasons
Life Energy
Pieces of Evidence of Chemical Change
Conservation of Momentum

  • Other activities done for the research

             Conceptualization of a research on lesson planning practices of elementary school science                               teachers

             Planning and development of a lesson:
                   Solving Problem Involving Linear Variation
Initial planning of a lesson: Functions

K to 12 Curriculum

  • Development of Science and Mathematics Curriculum Framework with content standards, performance standards, and learning competencies
  • Spiraling of topics across grade levels
  • Started developing student materials and teaching guides for Grades 1 and 7 Mathematics and Grade 7 Science (ongoing)


  • Seed Germination

                   Pupils’ Activities
                   Teaching Guide

Multimedia Development Project

  • Setting up of Agham, Impormasyon, at Matematika (AgIMat) website to share ideas and curriculum materials
  • Four curriculum materials uploaded on the following topics:

                   Conducting Science Investigatory Project (powerpoint format)
                   How to construct a lung-chest model
Using the lung-chest model (video format)
                   Four interactive worksheets in GeoGebra

  • In-house seminar on WordPress