Rolando M. Tan
Science Education Specialist I
(632) 927-4276 or (632) 928-1563
Mr. Rolando M. Tan is a Science Education Specialist and has been a part of the Elementary School Science Workgroup of the Institute since 2009. After earning a degree in Public Health from the University of the Philippines College of Public Health in Manila, he became a part of the Schistosomiasis Research Team funded by the WHO-TDR before pursuing a career in science education. Prior to his appointment in NISMED, he taught as a high school science teacher in Makati Hope Christian School and St. Stephen’s High School, and as a faculty at the College of Medical Technology in Trinity College of Quezon City and at De la Salle University in Manila. Mr. Tan has become a resource person in various seminar-workshops, webinars, and radio episodes advocating inquiry-based approach in teaching science. He is part of Collaborative Lesson Research and Development in partnership with schools, sponsoring government and private institutions. He is also a part of the writing team in the development of the K-12 learning module for Grade 8 science. His research interests include lesson study, inquiry based science lessons and development of online curriculum materials for teachers. He is currently taking Master of Arts in Education major in Biology Education at the College of Education of the University of the Philippines Diliman.
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