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A New Module for Elementary School Science

NISMED announces the publication of a new module for classroom use titled Mixtures in the Kitchen. The module comes in two editions: one consists only of Pupils’ Activities which the individual pupil may acquire for himself or herself and on whose pages he/she may write down his or her answers. It is in a format that will hone the pupils’ reading and writing skills. But more importantly, these activities start with eliciting the pupils’ prior knowledge and provide key Filipino terms for some objects, verbs, and adjectives in line with the DepED policy encouraging use of the mother tongue to facilitate learning and understanding. The activities are inquiry-based, hands-on and minds-on. This means that they develop the manipulative as well as the science processes skills of inquiry, making use of concrete materials and allowing the learner to
construct the ideas that will lead towards formulation of concepts close to or in line with current scientific knowledge and scientists’ views.

The other edition contains Teacher Materials aside from the Pupils’ Activities. This is for the teacher and contains an Overview of the unit, Reference to the PELC-BEC (as well as to the K to 12 Curriculum though the latter will not be implemented for the elementary grades until 2014 for Grade 3, Teaching Strategies Highlighted, Potential

Sources of Misconceptions, Vocabulary, Teaching Plan for the Unit with the Lesson Plans, and Answers to Test Yourself, the summative test, as well as to the formative questions in each activity.

P120 for the Teacher’s Edition
P 60 for the Pupils’ Edition

NISMED Comes Out with Book of Assessment Items for Elementary School Science

Assessment Items for Elementary School Science is a collection of multiple choice
and constructed response items under the major content domains found in the
Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies-Basic Education Curriculum (PELC-BEC)
namely: People, Animals, Plants, Materials, Energy, Force and Motion, Earth, Weather,
and Space. They are classified under the TIMSS cognitive domains of Factual Information
and Conceptual Understanding for Grades 1 and 2 plus the third domain of Reasoning
and Analysis from Grades 3 to 6.

These 20 or so items per grade level have been subjected to tryouts with
students, item analyses, revision and review by NISMED subject area specialists, and
scientists specialized in the life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences.

They may be used by teachers to serve as models for summative assessment as
well as for formative assessment with modifications.

It is hoped that these kinds of items will eventually alter the way teachers teach
and what students learn. It is also hoped that teachers will learn to construct items
similar to these and develop the science process/inquiry skills among school children.
The book costs P150.

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