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New video package on Basura out

A 12-minute video on CD titled Basura: Banta sa Kalusugan was launched on 20 November 2012 during NISMED’s 48th anniversary. Designed to encourage proper disposal of wastes to safeguard health, it may also be used in lessons on the sense organs, materials, life cycles of insects, properties of matter, as well as physical and chemical change. The package includes a teaching guide suggesting questions to be asked while viewing, post-viewing activities, and strategies to be used for teaching the incorporated topics.

Ocean Treasures  (18 Minute DVD with viewing guide)
PHP 200.00

Skywatching with the Naked Eye  (15 Minute and 6 seconds DVD with viewing guide)
PHP 200.00

Videolessons on Sale

Ocean Treasures and Skywatching with the Naked Eye are two videolessons designed for high school science students. Each videolesson is accompanied by a viewing guide that indicates pauses during which the teachers should emphasize concepts, ask questions, and give a short activity or formative assessment.

Ocean Treasures (18:00 min DVD)
The video program identifies the living resources of our oceans. It also shows how these resources can be used wisely by protecting the balance in our ocean’s shallow ecosystems: sandy and rocky seashores mangrove areas, grassy areas, and coral reefs.

Skywatching with the Naked Eye (15:06 min DVD)
The video program focuses on teaching basic astronomy in the classroom. It also serves as a guide to a short voyage within the solar system and beyond. Some tips on how to prepare for stargazing activities are included at the end of the video. 

Copies of these videolessons at PHP 200.00 per copy are now available upon request. Visit our publications office or call (632) 928-1563 ext. 120 to place your order.